Join our IP Masterclass

You will achieve an understanding of Intellectual Property to a level which will add value to your business and allow you to prepare your business for expansion, securing investment and eventual exit.


WHAT is an IP Masterclass?  This IP Masterclass has been specifically developed to guide participants systematically through all the aspects of IP relevant to starting, developing and expanding SMEs in the technology sector.


WHY will this add value?  Participants will be provided with all the tools to understand critical IP issues and implement a strong IP strategy within their companies in preparation for securing successful investment.  The commercial focus of the class ensures participants develop an understanding of how IP rights can be used to increase the value of the company as well as reveal the activities of competitors.


WHO should participate?  CEOs, MDs, FDs and all upper management making Board-level decisions in technology-based SMEs.


WHERE does it take place?  Our Masterclasses are held in several UK locations throughout the year, with the next Masterclass due to take place in the South West.


WHEN does it take place?  The next Masterclass is due to commence this autumn and spaces are limited.


HOW much time needs to be set aside?  The Masterclass involves just a few hours each month.  In addition, complementary one-to-one sessions are available to assist you with implementing the knowledge you have gained each month and talk through any issues that have been raised.


The Masterclass is conducted by Dr. Whitfield who has many years experience as a patent attorney advising high growth SMEs across many technology sectors.  Dr. Whitfield also has an extensive teaching background including lecturing at several UK Universities, presenting at Business networking groups and participating as a lecturer on the Entrepreneurship MBA delivered by the Bath Business School.


Subjects covered include IP ownership, due diligence required to satisfy investors, successful invention harvesting, generation of passive income streams, development and implementation of an effective IP protection strategy, and identification/monitoring of competitor R&D activities.


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