Brand Protection

Implementing brand strategies to add value

A brand isn’t just a label on a company's products and website – it’s a route of communication with customers, it’s a source of company identity and an opportunity to demonstrate the business image and values to the world. It can draw new customers in, identify marketplace position and provide a reassuring mark of quality for long-term consumers. We can ensure our clients have secured full legal ownership of their brand, assist with protecting it from third party infringement, and keep the value of the brand intact by advising on how the brand should be used both within the organisation and by licensed partners.

  • Bringing us in early, even at the brand development stage, can help avoid expensive mistakes and ensure the brand is properly protected at each stage.
  • A small investment in brand protection from the outset can properly secure your asset, facilitate its effective enforcement in the future and add significant value to the business itself.
  • Our branding health-check service can confirm if your proposed brand is likely to infringe existing third party rights.