Selective filing strategies

Strategic planning is the lynchpin of building value in an innovative company and we understand this. It’s never ‘one size fits all’ and rarely is it appropriate to simply ‘patent everything’. Our selective filing strategies are designed to fit within our clients’ defined budgets, identify the right strategic priorities to complement business plans and deliver the most cost-effective approach to achieve the results our clients need.

  • We don’t just work from afar on the legal issues – we become part of our client’s strategic business team. We find out more about their technology, their people, their business plans and their markets. This joined up approach is essential if the intellectual property strategy is to deliver effective results.
  • Our tailored filing strategies are designed to suit the specific needs of each client.
  • We can provide due-diligence reports prior to investment round funding and prepare portfolio reports in advance of Board Meetings. Please call us if this is of interest to you.