Securing Investment

Client problem:

This high technology start-up business needed second round investment funding to continue development of their electronic innovation.  However, IP ownership issues and lack of patent protection were preventing them from successfully securing the investment they needed.


Our input:

We performed an IP Audit, put in place a proper IP ownership paper-trail, carried out invention harvesting and preparing and filed patent applications to secure protection for their core innovations.  We also provided portfolio reports and full IP budget projections for the next three years.



Secondary investment funding was secured, research and development activities continued, the business expanded and subsequently product was successfully launched.



“High technology start-ups ignore the complexities of IP ownership and securing protection at their peril.  With the experience and insights of professionals at Astrum we were able to navigate this minefield, develop a strong IP strategy for the future and secure the investment our business needed.  The understanding of our technology was impressive and they delivered on all promises.  Astrum is now an integral and critical part of our team.”